Waiting for the chrysanthemums

I visited Japan for the sake of pleasure,

But ended up sick and confined to a solitary retreat,

With only leisure in view,

A solitary chrysanthemum tree.

My thoughts were unlike Johnsy in “The Last Leaf”,

For I wished to not die in a foreign land,

Where none would shed tears on my tomb.

I wished to return home ,

Before I closed my eyes forever.

And so I strived against the Grim Reaper,

Who loomed over my head with burning scythe.

But as days crawled by , I lost all hope,

All my thoughts were extinguished but for one,

To see chrysanthemums before I died.

When I first set foot on this land,

Even though no one greeted me,

I was filled with sheer delight,

For I beheld a truly lovely sight.

Chrysanthemums in full bloom ,pale and white,

In stark contrast to the shadow of night.

Every day I wake up before dawn ,

And muster all energy to peep through the window sill,

But not a single bloom I see ,

To soothe my growing misery.


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